Guideline for physical meetings with NMG regarding COVID-19
applicable from October 15, 2020

No physical meetings until December 1st

Following our earlier reports and in line with the measures of the cabinet as announced in the press conference of 13 October, NMG VvE Beheer has decided not to attend any physical meetings until December 1, 2020.
This applies to both the general members' meetings and the board and committee meetings.

The health of our colleagues and of the members of the VvE always comes first. NMG VvE Beheer takes its responsibility by limiting the risks of dissemination to a minimum and is convinced that attending dozens of meetings per account manager does not contribute to this.

For the HOAs for which a meeting is still to be held this year, your account manager will discuss the options in consultation with your board, such as meeting with digital voting, digital voting with digital support (video calling), written decision-making, collecting authorizations or postponing until after 01 December.

The option of postponing until after December 1 is only very limited and possible in consultation with your account manager, as we can only run a limited number of HOA's during that period.
It is possible that it will become apparent that physical presence at meetings is not possible and / or desirable after December 1.

The approach will therefore be to meet digitally as much as possible, preferably with video support. Partly thanks to the possibilities that Twinq (digital voting) facilitates around digital meetings and Microsoft Teams (video calling), in our opinion, meetings with digital support are definitely a suitable alternative!

We will all have to work hard to ensure that we comply with the legal obligation to hold the annual meeting before 1 January.

If a board decides not to hold the meeting at all this year, we naturally understand this, but we note that this is in conflict with the obligations under the deed.

Office protocol and meeting rooms NMG VvE Management

We work from home as much as possible. In addition, we use an office protocol regarding the corona virus. This means, among other things, following hygiene regulations, compulsory working from home in case of (mild) complaints, maximum number of employees per floor and the presence of walking routes every 1.5 meters.

Meeting measures with NMG VvE

Digital voting instruction video

Digital voting is new to many of you and therefore potentially exciting. We understand this. Meeting with digital voting has a number of advantages, including the possibility to cast your vote 14 days before the meeting. You cast your vote from home when it suits you. To make it easy for you, we have placed an instruction video on our website. You can find the video at the bottom of this page.


No rights can be derived from this guideline. NMG VvE Beheer cannot be held liable for the consequences of (non) compliance with the guideline.

We ask you to follow this guideline fully and thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Instruction video: digital voting

In this video we explain how you can vote digitally.
The link to the meeting page can be found at the top right of this website under the button 'Meetings'