How can NMG help me?

NMG is the partner for your HOA Management. Personal, innovative and proactive management is what we stand for. How can NMG help you?

We offer the following packages:

  • NMG Complete:¬†administrative / organizational, financial and daily technical management
  • NMG Finan:¬†administrative / organizational and financial management

Can you sometimes use a little extra help?

In addition to the above packages, we can support you with matters that may not be an annual issue, but where the HOA can use help. That is why we offer the following additional services:

Guidance for major maintenance

If your VvE has to deal with systematic maintenance, you can outsource this process entirely to NMG VvE Beheer. For example, you do not pay as standard in your management fee for planned maintenance, but only when this is the case.


NMG HOA Management can support your HOA with matters that the HOA can use help with. You can think, for example, of offering guidance or independent advice in drawing up and / or adjusting the deed of division or bylaws. Founding or starting up a HOA or advice on how to approach matters as an HOA are also possible.

We handle your request for help with a personal approach and a clear approach. Our expert account managers are at your service. Even if your VvE is not managed by us.

How can we help you?


Voor meer informatie of vragen over de mogelijkheden kunt u contact opnemen met
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