NMG Switching Service

Switching to another HOA manager can be quite a job. We are happy to help you with our free NMG Switching Service.

Switch administrators?

Are you thinking of switching from HOA manager? And would you like to know more about our switching service? We are happy to discuss the options for switching to NMG VvE Beheer with you.

Change? We also do that together.

During an initial introductory meeting with NMG VvE Management, we look together at the contract of your current HOA Manager. We pay attention to all the 'small print': this way we prevent things from going twice.

Together we determine which services of NMG VvE Beheer you are going to engage and the assignment is drawn up. After placing the assignment, we make agreements together about the follow-up.

NMG VvE Beheer can also help you terminate your current contract.

We are happy to work for you!

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For more information or questions about the possibilities, please contact 088 200 70 45 or click on the button below.