Reserve fund

A reserve fund is required by law for all VvE's. With this fund you can pay the costs for planned maintenance. Since 1 January 2018, the Law improvement functioning Associations of Owners applies. This law fulfils this obligation by imposing a minimum annual reservation on the VvE. The minimum annual reservation applies to apartment complexes with housing, including mixed complexes.

To meet the minimum annual reservation, the VvE has two options.

1. The annual reservation shall be based on an MJOP


  • may not be more than five years old
  • must cover a period of at least 10 years
  • needs to be renewed every five years
  • includes the maintenance and repair work required, the planned renovations, a calculation of the costs associated with those work and renewals and an even allocation of those costs to the various years
  • must be established by the meeting of owners

2. The annual reservation consists of 0.5 percent of the rebuilding value of the building

The meeting of owners can choose this option if the VvE does not have an MJOP.