At a VvE we know various types of maintenance:

Daily technical maintenance

  • Complaints maintenance concerns the repair requests by owners due to a defect or failure to a common facility. Also known as non-planned maintenance or daily technical maintenance.
  • Claims relate to damage to or by common business and sections.
  • Contract maintenance is annual maintenance for which contracts are concluded. For example, cleaning or glass washing and elevator maintenance can be expected. Contract maintenance is also subject to daily technical maintenance.

Planned maintenance

Planned maintenance does not occur every year. The most famous examples are the exterior painting and the renewal of the roofing.

Planning maintenance is determined on the basis of a multi-year maintenance plan (MJOP). In an MJOP, an estimate is made of the maintenance that is likely to arrive and what that will cost. The term of an MJOP is at least 15 years. This plan is updated every five years.